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Hi Sarah, This email if really overdue. My husband, Dirk, and I have been meaning to contact you since we got our precious sphynx cat, Margo. We couldn’t be happier to have Margo in our family. She’s sweet and loves to cuddle. She’s also packed with personality – always making us laugh. She thinks she’s bigger than she is. She brings us so much joy. We’ve attached a few pictures of Margo in case you’d like to see her. Hopefully it is clear that we have appropriately spoiled her. Thank you for caring about this breed, for the care you give the cats and for being a responsible breeder. Not only has Margo has been happy and healthy since day one, but she’s great with our kids. All the best to you and your family.

Ashley Green

CA 90233

Quick update on George. The vet says he’s very healthy as of last Monday. However, I can feel he’s grown very quickly just in one week! He’s super smart and is picking up commands quickly like. George does have an excitable, crazy side but of course he’s a cat. Everyone loves him, especially the 4 year old “Bailey” next door. I think she reminds him of Gracie. Please thank Sarah again for her hard work. George is fantastic!

Heidi Jordan

NC 20711

Hi Lucas, I was thinking of you today being that it is CoCo’s first birthday Emoji. I can never thank you enough for providing our family with such a wonderful addition. He has brought joy not only to our home, but also the residents at my Mom’s nursing home. I don’t know if you realize this, but you gave us the best cat ever. Not only is he smart, his personality is phenomenal. I’m sure your other clients don’t realize that we have the CUTEST KITTEN IN THE WORLD Emoji. You don’t need to tell them, either! I hope your family is well. Keep doing what you do. Thanks again for Coco. He is still a perfect beautiful. We absolutely adore him. Gratefully,

Angela Stuart

IL 60006

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